High-Accuracy Fuel Monitoring with Fuel Vision

MACSEA’s Fuel Vision system now works with Emerson’s Micro Motion Coriolis® flow meters for high-accuracy fuel monitoring to help ship operators quantify the real effects of various energy conservation measures.

Fuel Vision and Micro Motion Fuel Meter for HIGH-ACCURACY fuel measurement

Because of the continued high cost of fuel, the shipping industry is actively engaged in implementing a wide assortment of energy conservation measures to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Such measures include more efficient ship designs, slow-speed steaming, variable frequency drives for electrical equipment, and many more. Energy saving is a mandate in today’s depressed business climate and will likely continue well into the foreseeable future. A common requirement across all of these conservation activities is the need to accurately measure the benefits of each energy-saving technology under consideration such that effective decisions can be made regarding fleet-wide technology investments.

Because fuel efficiency has become such an important topic to ship operators, MACSEA developed Fuel Vision as an add-on module to compliment its DEXTER ship health monitoring software suite. Fuel Vision provides a continuous display of key fuel consumption data aboard ship via a touch panel computer, allowing operators to easily track energy efficiency and how much fuel and money is spent during voyages. Fuel Vision provides real-time visualization of the effects of operational adjustments on fuel economy, such as speed reductions, trim adjustments, weather routing, etc. The system also has a remote monitoring capability to send fuel and emissions reports back to the home office.

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