Three decades of cost-saving marine technology innovation


US-based Small Business

Founded in 1982, MACSEA has acquired decades of experience in providing ship health monitoring solutions to both Naval and commercial shipowners. We were the first company to unleash the power of neural network-based software agents for real-time machinery diagnostics, whose pattern recognition capabilities for engine faults work in much the same way as the security software on your computer recognizes viruses. More recently, we perfected the means to calibrate a ship’s propeller as a power absorption dynamometer to detect the onset of hull fouling at the earliest possible time. Earlier detection means more savings in fuel and lower hull cleaning costs with less paint damage.

We offer health monitoring solutions to ensure your ship’s machinery plant and hull are operating at top efficiency. Our products, services, and expertise makes Condition-Based Maintenance implementation  a turn-key operation for our customers. With the benefit of over 40 shipboard installations behind us, our unique experience helps clients avoid equipment breakdowns, extend overhauls, and reduce maintenance and operating costs. This translates into increased profits, improved machinery reliability, and maximum mission readiness.

Solutions and Services we offer to help reduce your operating costs include:

  • Machinery diagnostic intelligence knowledge acquisition
  • Shipboard data acquisition systems (design, interfacing, and installation)
  • Software for automated machinery diagnostics and prognostics with DEXTER
  • System performance modeling
  • Ship performance trials data analysis
  • Hull and propeller condition monitoring with Hull Medic
  • Custom software development and configuration to meet your needs
  • Subscription-based analytics and management reporting for fuel economy

We are interested in your special projects.