Hull Medic™

Hull & Propeller Condition Monitoring


Hull Medic is an on-board data acquisition system and shore-based analysis service that detects ship underwater fouling at the earliest possible time. Earlier detection means lower fuel penalties and improved profits. Hull Medic can also be used to determine optimal hull cleaning and painting intervals, resulting in even further improvement to your bottom line.

Why monitor hull & propeller conditions?

Hull Medic- Hull and Propeller Condition Monitoring

The answer is simple: because fuel penalties for operating a fouled ship can be punishing (10-50% extra fuel burn). Any ship operator knows that hull fouling causes the need for more throttle and fuel to maintain service speeds.  Also of great concern today is the increase in Green House Gas emissions that are a by-product of increased fuel consumption. Hull Medic lets you accurately monitor ship performance losses and determine the break-even point for hull maintenance, while accounting for emissions.

Rising fuel costs, high overhaul expenses (including paint), and mounting environmental regulations make Hull Medic a valuable tool for prudent ship operators to control operating expenses, eliminate energy waste due to hull fouling, and be a good global citizen.

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