Hull Medic™

Detect losses earlier and save more fuel

Features & Benefits

No company can afford to waste energy. Ship performance losses due to hull and propeller fouling can be substantial but have historically been difficult to quantify, since changing ship and environmental conditions introduce a large degree of variability in performance data. Hull Medic’s unique method of using a ship’s propeller as a measuring device allows higher accuracy and earlier detection of performance losses.

 Hull Medic™ gives you the information you need to make  intelligent, scientifically-backed hull maintenance decisions.

Key features include:

  • Calculates speed, power, and fuel losses due to hull fouling
  • Fully automated ship performance data collection
  • Transforms the propeller into a high-accuracy performance monitoring tool
  • Advanced database filtering eliminates data scatter
  • Simple management reports that ship-owners understand


  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce Green House Gas emissions
  • Maintain ship service speeds
  • Determine optimal hull and propeller maintenance schedules
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of alternate paint systems
  • Validate energy-saving technologies related to ship performance

Unbiased & Scientific

Some hull paint companies have started to offer packaged coating and monitoring systems, along with guarantees of fuel savings. Using Hull Medic, MACSEA offers shipowners an independent, unbiased, and scientific assessment of ship performance.

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