Fuel Vision ™

Features & Benefits


  • Reduction in fuel usage
  • Reduction in costs
  • Efficient working practices
  • Increased fuel awareness
  • Contributes to Green shipping
  • Accurate costing of fuel
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of fuel reduction technology

Key Features include:

Data Inputs

Fuel Vision uses standard inputs from the ship’s instrumentation, including:

  • Ship speed over ground
  • Ship speed through the water
  • Propulsion engine fuel consumption
  • Fuel cost per gallon (manual entry)

Key Performance Indicators

With these inputs, Fuel Vision automatically calculates ship fuel efficiency throughout the voyage. As shown in the following pages, Fuel Vision’s real-time graphical displays provide these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to energy consumption:

  • Nautical Miles per Gallon (NM/Gal) (or optionally Gal/NM)
  • Total Fuel Consumption Rate (Gal/Day)
  • Cost per Nautical Mile ($/NM)
  • Cost per Hour ($/Hr)
  • Total Daily CO2 Emissions (Tons/Day)

Additional Features include:

  • Real-time and historical graphical viewing
  • User-selectable time scales: (1 Hour, 12 Hour, 24 Hour)
  • Built-in data smoothing via adjustable moving averages
  • Cellular modem for transmitting fuel reports back to headquarters (optional)

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