How it works

Automating Data Analytics

DEXTER’s analytical capabilities are unprecedented in a  real-time Windows-based shipboard package. DEXTER provides real-time, on-demand advice to your crews when something starts to go wrong with the machinery. It works completely automatically in the background of your shipboard computer network, much like the anti-virus software on your computer. DEXTER continually acquires and analyzes machinery data to ensure optimal, trouble-free operation. All alert information can also be input to your computerized maintenance management system., perhaps even automatically generating work orders for corrective action if you like. The system interfaces to all machinery automation and control systems on the market today, further leveraging your investment by layering DEXTER’s intelligent processing on top.

Dexter- completely automatic

Consider these technological innovations found only in DEXTER:

  • Model-based symptom generation detects machinery performance anomalies
  • Neural network reasoning engine identifies fault conditions as they occur
  • Real-time diagnostics on machinery automation data stream – continuous, automatic
  • Statistical regression-based fault prediction – early warning and time to failure reported
  • Transient-sensitivity eliminates false calls during equipment start-ups & shut-downs
  • “Blackbox” data recording and shoreside replication
  • Adjustable probability settings for diagnostic confidence levels
  • Configurable sampling, recording & diagnostic time intervals
  • Intuitive user interface – mouse or touchscreen
  • Diagnostic report interface to CMMS

DEXTER is the ideal tool to introduce consistency and reliability into Condition-Based Maintenance, with automated, repeatable, and scientific analytics based on expert knowledge.