Systems & Solutions

Innovative ship health monitoring solutions to save fuel, money, & the environment

DEXTER™  Machinery Health Monitoring System

Machinery health and efficiency

Dexter- completely automatic diagnostic and prognostic software
DEXTER™ is the core software module that monitors, diagnoses and predicts machinery health with stunning accuracy. From monitoring diesel engines to gas turbines to pumps and motors, the software is a proven technology that represents the state-of-the-art in diagnostic and predictive expert systems for marine applications.

Add-on Modules

Hull Medic™

Maintain your hull & propeller for fuel savings

Hull Medic- Hull and Propeller Condition Monitoring

Hull Medic™  is an onboard data acquisition system and shore-based analysis service that uses innovative technology for the earliest possible detection of hull fouling. Earlier detection means less wasted energy and more cost savings.

Fuel Vision

Fuel consumption monitoring & optimization

Hull Medic- Hull and Propeller Condition Monitoring

Fuel Vision ™ provides a continuous display of key fuel consumption data on the ship’s bridge, allowing operators to easily track energy efficiency and how much fuel and money is spent during voyages.

Custom Solutions

Integrating into Existing Automation


All DEXTER systems are PC-based solutions that can be readily integrated into existing machinery automation and shipboard computer networks. MACSEA specializes in providing interface solutions for real-time performance data collection and management, both onboard the vessel as well as ashore.