Our Commitment to You and the Environment

Improving the environment and your financial status are common goals.

Anyone can talk about respect for the environment. Our products help you live it.

We’re committed to respecting and protecting our environment. We’re continually investing in new technologies that can help reduce ship emissions by allowing you to operate more efficiently and reliably.

Green ShippingOur DEXTER product is designed to avoid catastrophic machinery failures that could lead to severe environmental consequences. It can help you achieve a high state of machinery health and efficiency, with reduced energy consumption and emissions.

Similarly, our Hull Medic service will ensure that your hulls are clean and efficient. This means no wasted fuel, lower emissions, and no invasive species left behind in the global wake of your vessels.

We’ve devoted significant time and resources to create systems that ensure environmental sustainability. Our products do more than meet industry requirements; they meet the expectations of a conscientious society.