Sensors – The Eyes and Ears of Ship Automation – Part 1

Sensors are the eyes and ears of your automation. Their health (i.e. accuracy and reliability) is essential to all shipboard monitoring and control functions that require reliable data to synthesize decisions, which pretty much includes everything. What is surprising is that, even with this critical role in machinery control, sensor health has received scant attention in the marine industry. In fact, they represent the weak link in modern automation and control systems, from both a safety and a health monitoring perspective.

In this two-part series, we present some real-world data from modern ships that demonstrates the magnitude of the sensor reliability problem prevalent in the world fleets today. In the context of machinery health monitoring, if we can’t trust what the sensors are telling us, it’s impossible to assess the health of the equipment being monitoring. Sensor health monitoring and diagnostics should be first on the list of CBM targeted-items.

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Sensors – the Eyes and Ears of Ship Automation

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