Reducing the Risk of Diesel Engine Crankcase Explosions

In a time when modern automation systems are supposed to prevent crankcase explosions and the ensuing engine room fires, these types of incidents are far from a rarity. In fact, several recent incidents, particularly in the cruise industry, have left ships without power for days and have resulted in financial losses totaling in the millions of dollars.

According to a Lloyds Register analysis of its classed fleet over an eleven-year period, it recorded 143 incidents of crankcase explosions, caused primarily by bearing failures, piston failures, and other types of internal engine failures. Crankcase explosions can result in loss of life, shipboard fires, loss of power, and expensive ship repairs.

Besides oil mist detectors, crankcase pressure measurements can be monitored to detect diesel engine conditions that may increase the risk of a crankcase explosion. This white paper describes how our DEXTER software can be used to monitor crankcase pressure and provide early warning alerts of risky situations, allowing plant operators to correct problems before catastrophic failures can occur.

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Reducing the Risk of Diesel Engine Crankcase Explosions

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