MACSEA Forms Strategic Alliance with Binsfeld Engineering for Torquemeters

MACSEA Ltd, who recently initiated its Hull Medic hull fouling monitoring service, has formed a strategic alliance with Binsfeld Engineering Inc, a leading manufacturer of shaft torque and power measurement systems for the marine industry.

Ship owners and operators realize that hull fouling causes drag-related speed loss and increased fuel consumption when more power is delivered in order to maintain ship schedules. Hull fouling is also a topic of growing environmental concern and international regulation as it relates to green house gas emissions and the carriage of aquatic invasive species on fouled hulls.

Because of the rising cost of fuel and hull coatings, hull cleaning and drydocking decisions should be based on hard scientific data, rather than gross level indicators or subjective “guesstimates”.  MACSEA offers an independent hull monitoring service to detect hull fouling as early as possible to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The new Hull Medic service uses automatic onboard data acquisition to gather and analyze salient ship performance data.

“Accurate shaft torque measurements are essential for early detection of hull fouling”, remarks MACSEA’s President, Kevin Logan. “Existing torquemeters on customers’ ships have historically been unreliable and inaccurate. We can eliminate much of this uncertainty by using Binsfeld’s TorqueTrak system, which based on our experience, is one of the best products on the market, with proven accuracy. By integrating TorqueTrak into our offering, we not only provide convenient “one-stop shopping” for our Hull Medic service, but our alliance with Binsfeld Engineering also allows us to provide superior value and technical support to our customers.”

Bob Holden, Sales Manager for Binsfeld Engineering, states “MACSEA’s Hull Medic is a great application for our TorqueTrak Revolution instrument, which measures the true mechanical Torque, RPM and Power on the propeller shaft.  Coupling TorqueTrak with Hull Medic, hull fouling can actually be measured.  Hull cleaning and maintenance can now be condition based – done only at the right time when Hull Medic indicates the need.”

MACSEA’s Hull Medic calibrates each ship’s propeller as a power absorption dynamometer, using propeller characteristics and “clean-hull” ship performance data. The calibration establishes the unique relationship between speed, propeller rpm, and shaft power for each vessel. The propeller can then be used to track power/fuel/emissions increases over time. The technique works for ships with single, double, fixed, or variable pitched propellers.

About MACSEA Ltd.

MACSEA provides health monitoring solutions to the marine industry to ensure that ships’ machinery plants and hulls are operating at top efficiency. Our products, services, and expertise makes Condition-Based Maintenance implementation a turn-key operation for our customers. With the benefit of over three decades of experience and numerous shipboard installations behind us, we help customers avoid equipment breakdowns, extend overhauls, and reduce maintenance and operating costs. This translates into increased profits, improved machinery reliability, and maximum mission readiness.

About Binsfeld Engineering Inc.

Binsfeld Engineering Inc. specializes in rotating-to-stationary data communication systems, with digital instrumentation technologies that provide accurate and reliable signals from rotating sensors. Binsfeld diagnostic telemetry systems, inductive powered monitor and control systems and on-site consulting services have a proven track record for precision and reliability, both in the U.S. and worldwide. In 2002, Binsfeld introduced the TorqueTrak Revolution system, a permanently powered rotary data transmitter that provides continuous torque, RPM, power and rotational direction measurements. Founded in 1971, Binsfeld is now a world leader in rotating data telemetry technology, providing innovative instrumentation solutions and creating value for its customers.

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