Fuel Vision Now Works with KRAL Fuel Flowmeters

Stonington, CT (USA), December 15, 2012 – MACSEA’s Fuel VisionTM system now works with KRAL® rotary displacement flow meters for high-accuracy fuel monitoring to help ship operators quantify the real effects of various energy conservation measures.

Fuel Vision & KRAL Fuel Meters Provide A Cost-Effective Solution for Energy Monitoring

Companies in the shipping industry are implementing a wide assortment of energy conservation measures to reduce fuel consumption because of the high cost of fuel. These measures include slow-speed steaming, trim optimization, voyage planning, and many more. Energy saving is a mandate in today’s business climate and will likely continue well into the foreseeable future. A common requirement across all of these conservation activities is the need to accurately measure the benefits of each energy-saving technology under consideration such that effective decisions can be made regarding fleet-wide technology investments.

Because fuel efficiency has become such an important topic to ship operators, MACSEA developed Fuel Vision as an add-on module to complement its DEXTER ship health monitoring software suite. Fuel Vision provides a continuous display of key fuel consumption data aboard ship via a touch panel computer, allowing operators to easily track energy efficiency and how much fuel and money is spent during voyages. Fuel Vision provides real-time visualization of the effects of operational adjustments on fuel economy, such as speed reductions, trim adjustments, weather routing, etc. The system also has a remote monitoring capability to send fuel and emissions reports back to the home office.

MACSEA recently developed an interface between Fuel Vision and KRAL® rotary displacement flow meters. KRAL flowmeters provide both sturdy design and high precision. For over 20 years, KRAL products have satisfied a wide range of customer requirements.  The KRAL flowmeter is a very compact positive displacement meter. The measurement values are calculated, understandable, and accurate to 0.1% of flow rate over a wide flow and viscosity range. KRAL products have demonstrated robustness in marine applications, with reliable working life and stability over time.

By combining DEXTER Fuel Vision with the KRAL flowmeter, fuel data acquired aboard ships can be displayed in real-time throughout the vessel and also sent ashore to track fleet-wide energy conservation and emissions reduction efforts.

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