Fuel Vision Demonstrated at SHIPPING Insight Fleet Optimization Conference

The 2012 Fleet Optimization Conference, organized by ShippingInsight, provided a two-day forum during October 9-10 for ship owners and operators to explore how to achieve gains in ship efficiency. MACSEA teamed up with Emerson Process Management to demonstrate a simple, yet effective solution, for measuring and monitoring a ship’s fuel performance.

Marine fuel costs represent the major portion of a ship’s operating cost, in some cases as much as 60-70% of annual costs. With increasing fuel prices, rigorous fuel management and increased energy efficiency are vital for both financial and environmental reasons. Accurate fuel flow measurements provide the foundation for increased fuel efficiency and accurate fuel management. The evaluation of every energy-saving conservation measure starts with accurate fuel consumption measurement. Real-time visualization of consumption levels allows ship operators to directly quantify the effects of behavioral changes, such as slow speed steaming, trim optimization, and weather routing. Over the course of a typical voyage, such adjustments can add up to significant fuel savings.

The 2012 Fleet Optimization Conference conference brought together senior executives from across the shipping industry to discuss market trends, regulatory issues, case studies, best practices, and technology solutions. In today’s challenging business environment, it is imperative for ship owners and operators to seek out practical strategies and solutions to operate their ships more efficiently.  By combining Fuel Vision with Emerson’s Micro Motion Coriolis fuel measurements, ship operators can get real-time visualization of the effects of the various energy conservation measures available to them to reduce their fuel consumption and emissions.


Fuel Vision Demonstrated at SHIPPING Insight Fleet Optimization Conference

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