DEXTER Supports Open Systems Architecture for Diagnostic Data Interchange

DEXTER reports machinery diagnostic and prognostic results in XML-based formats for importing into most computerized maintenance management systems. This capability facilitates data interchange between disparate IT systems using XML, including legacy systems. High design and development costs associated with compliance to specific protocols can be avoided using XML schema definitions.

The capability exists to support any current or future third-party defined schemas (e.g. MIMOSA OSA-CBM, S1000D standards, etc.) for seamless integration in a true Open Systems Architecture.

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DEXTER Supports Open Systems Architecture for Diagnostic Data Interchange


Interoperability between independent systems that monitor equipment health is an important cost savings capability when attempting to integrate these systems for advanced business intelligence and decision support.

Open architecture CBM systems can be deployed more rapidly, can be maintained at lower cost by reducing the labor and training burden, and will have higher availability for managing equipment assets. They will also reduce supply chain costs. Today, more emphasis has been given to this effort by various governments, but rapid adoption in other industries, such as marine, will likely yield similar cost and time savings benefits.

Various information exchange standards have been developed and are in the process of implementation. Technologies such as XML, SVG, SGML, and SOAP for information exchange are well-developed and more standards, such as S1000D, are coming up.

A new LinkIn Group has been formed by Susith Hansa, MACSEA Manager of IT & Software Engineering. The purpose of this group is to share ideas and experiences regarding the benefits of open systems architecture, how CBM software developers can use it, and the cost benefits it affords to customers and plant operators. Group discussions can be accessed by clicking the link below:

LinkedIn Group – Open System Architecture for CBM


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