DEXTER Covered in Motorship

Wendy Laursen of The Motorship magazine covers DEXTER in the November 2012 issue. She explains how alarm flooding due to poor sensor maintenance can desensitize operators and hide important machinery plant problems.
The article also describes how MACSEA is applying its advanced diagnostic technology to shipboard electrical systems, particularly integrated power systems (IPS) with variable frequency drives (VFDs). There has been an alarming increase in shipboard electrical failures in recent years, including fires on ships employing electric propulsion systems with VFD designs. Excessive harmonic distortion can create severe overheating of various electrical equipment including components such as capacitors, bearings, winding insulation on generators, transformers, and induction motors, etc. DEXTER’s neural network-based reasoning capabilities can be readily integrated into the IPS design to detect faults and alert crews to take remedial action to avoid catastrophic failures.

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